Thursday, May 17, 2007

Call me Carlo

Lol... there's someone on the Internet claiming to be me! I was reading my email when my Gmail RSS feed mentioned that there was an article on the Top Ten Issues of OLPC. I decided to read it given that I had written a similar article a few days earlier. The first paragraph said:
"I am Carlo Emmanoel Oliveira Ph.D. I am not officially involved with OLPC but their project had a great impact in my life. I am a University teacher in Brazil, partly working on educational projects to improve education in general, including children in all ages. I think OLPC is one of the more important steps to bring computers as an aid to education."
Then the rest of the article is taken word for word from my OLPC Article! Someone was taking credit for the article I had just written. The funny thing is that this link that is supposedly to Carlo's home page actually links back to my own personal blog (that has my name written all over it).

Anyways, I Googled him to get more information and found that he was in fact a University Instructor in Rio De Janiero, Brazil complete with 27 published articles, awards, and patents in the area of software engineering. Something didn't seem right here. So I emailed the people managing the OLPC News blog and got a fairly prompt response:

I seem to owe you & Carlo an apology.

I was in an email conversation with Carlo about a post he wanted to publish that had a couple of attachments and many links. I became confused as to the sites he was interested in responding to (yours being one of them) and items he wrote (a response to your top 10). In that confusion, I attributed your content to him and posted it on my site thinking he gave me permission to repost it. He disagreed with a few of your positions in his content, so he may be as annoyed with me as you were with him.

And I am very annoyed with myself. I dislike when others take content wholesale, with our without attribution who do not ask permission first. I apologize to you personally now. I will correct the post tonight and append an apology/correction, if I can be so bold as to ask permission to keep the content up.

Thanks for catching this"
Sounds like there was a simple misunderstanding regarding who created the article, which is odd because it is written in first person. I'm happy to let it slide and I also really appreciate the comments that people have written about my article. However, if this continues I'm going to have to start calling myself Carlo Oliveira, PhD :)

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wayan said...


Thanks for seeing humor in my error. I've corrected the post in question and thank you even more for letting it remain on OLPC News.