Wednesday, June 14, 2006

PhD in Cow Town (Calgary)?

Today I read another comment posted on a blog regarding my research in natural speech and gesture interaction over digital tables. The quote is:
Thats right baby CALGARY! Cow town my (expletive removed)!!! More like TECH town!! -iDextrose
People often make assumptions about particular Universities based on word of mouth or sometimes profiles made by people not attending University themselves. Sometimes these reviews are useful for selecting a place for undergraduate education, but most reviews do not detail life as a graduate student.

The graduate programme is a whole different ball game, you can't just use word of mouth or external profiles to select your graduate degree. Each university's research agenda specializes in different areas and you need to find out what area you are particularly interested in.

My message is: Discover your passions and find a community that shares your ambitions. Where you go to school doesn't matter, your community is what's most important.

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